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Our team serves financial institutions by providing the technical knowledge and deep resources critical to analyzing the administrative costs and health insurance options that will attract and retain valuable employees. There are over 900 PEO’s nationally, with several hundred of those focused in the white collar space. More specifically, the financial services arena.

PEO’s have two (2) main distribution models, broker partners (like us) and/or direct. The difference being, as your advocate, Iron Cove makes sure you are aligned with right PEO for your business needs.

Who does this apply to?

  • Emerging Managers looking into the PEO model for the 1st time;
  • Established Financial Services Firms who currently have community rated health benefits as a small group (under 100 lives); &
  • Established Managers that are with a PEO currently and would like to shop.

Why PEO Consulting & Brokerage?

  • Independent Model and Vendor Agnostic > We work for you
  • Timely and more efficient way to approach process
  • Provide transparency & Leverage
  • Customer Service and Alignment
  • More Competitive Pricing
  • Implementation and On-boarding Assistance
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Iron Cove Partners Spearhead PEO Search for Emerging Hedge Fund Manager

"Our team is keenly focused on building strategic and trusted relationships with our clients – delivering meaningful economic
impact and solutions that best meet your needs, strengthen your culture and advance your objectives. If you are looking for a
transparent, partner relationship, characterized by competency, communication, innovation, efficiency, stability and advocacy,
then EPIC is your answer."

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If you have any risk management concerns, questions or just want to speak with one of our insurance specialists, please do not hesitate to contact us.