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Given the ever-increasing number of Cyber Attacks, proper insurance protection for fund managers has never been more important. Further, the SEC and other financial regulators have provided guidance suggesting that Cyber Insurance should be a key element of a robust Cyber Security plan.

Network & Information Security

Network and information security liability coverage protects against risks associated with the failure to protect electronic data containing third-party private information, the inadvertent transmission of a computer virus, the inability of authorized users to access your website or computer network, and failure to notify individuals as required by any security breach notification law that applies to you.

Communications and Media Liability

Communications and media liability coverage provides broad coverage to protect against claims or suits for damages caused by the unauthorized use of someone else’s copyrighted or trademarked intellectual property. It also covers loss caused by the unauthorized use of any advertising material or any slogan or title of others, and plagiarism.

Regulatory Defense Coverage

Coverage for defense expenses incurred resulting from a regulatory inquiry or governmental investigation made as a result of network and information security liability or communications and media liability.


1st Party Coverage


Crisis Management Coverage

Coverage for expenses incurred related to public relations services to mitigate negative publicity post breach.

Notification Expense Coverage

Coverage for costs associated with notification of individuals breached, expenses related to on-going credit monitoring, fraud expense reimbursement and call center.

Data Restoration

Coverage for expenses to restore data lost from system damage due to computer virus or unauthorized access.

E-Extortion | Ransomware

Coverage for money paid as a result of threats made to fraudulently transfer funds, destroy data, introduce a virus, attack a system or disclose electronic customer information.

Business Income Loss

Coverage for loss of income and expenses to restore operations as a result of a computer system disruption caused by a virus or unauthorized computer attack.

Social Engineering Crime Protection

Coverage for loss of assets resulting from a fraudulently induced instruction.

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