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Case Study

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Case Study: $20+ Billion Global Family Office-2

Who: $20+ Billion Single Family Office with Global Offices

Initial Concerns: Head of Operations and Insurance requested a review of the current in-force policies insurance portfolio. Stressed importance of understanding risk as well as the quality of service.

What We Did: Upon execution of NDA and receipt of the requisite policies, our team conducted a review and analysis of current P&C insurance program. We set-up a meeting for the following week to discuss our findings and value proposition. Our meeting agenda included general observations, areas of the program that could be improved and three (3) areas we can add value and enhance the current risk management function. Further, in order to provide proper insurance due-diligence, we advised that the account should be fully marketed in advance of the October 2017 Renewal.

Outcome:  Iron Cove was recognized as the Broker of Record on August 14th, 2017.

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