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Sports & Entertainment Division of Iron Cove Partners

Sports & Entertainment

Sports & Entertainment Division

Our dedicated team of risk management professionals fully understand the unique and complex risks that both professional athletes and entertainers are faced with in their day-to-day personal and business lives.

Iron Cove's Sports & Entertainment group is a national leader in handling the specific risks of the entertainment and sporting industries. For athletes, entertainers, business managers & agents, we offer solutions to the day-to-day exposures they face.

With our global insurance company alliances, Iron Cove is positioned to provide customized insurance solutions that address the specific concerns of each client.

We offer following insurance products to Athletes and Entertainers:

  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities Designed Specifically for Athletes
  • Personal Insurance Property & Casualty
  • Health Insurance &
  • Event Cancellation Insurance

Iron Cove Advantage

  • Complimentary insurance program analysis and review
  • Ability to customize & tailor insurance solutions specific to your individual needs
  • Independent Brokerage model with access to all of the key insurance markets and viable intermediaries
  • Internet based client portal available 24/7 with access to all policy information and important insurance documentation