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Our company’s reputation lies with our ability to effectively negotiate terms, conditions and pricing for all lines of coverage both at inception and at renewal time. Our team conducts an in depth analysis of all of our clients’ assets and operations prior to going to the insurance marketplace. This positions us to have both thorough and efficient dialogue with the relative insurance underwriters and enables us to negotiate the most competitive terms and conditions.

We also are very strong proponents of facilitating meetings with both the underwriters and the client which assist tremendously with negotiations and help foster stronger long-term relationships.

We have direct access to over 30 A-Rated carriers.


We endeavor to provide all of our clients and prospective clients with advice and counsel in dealing with the relevant day-to-day risk management issues that arise. From reviewing indemnity language in vendor contracts to dealing with investor requests, we assist every step of the way!

We, at no cost, provide advice on:

  • Types of insurance protection carried (i.e. E&O, D&O, Fiduciary Liability, Fidelity Crime, Key Man, etc.)
  • Appropriateness of Limits of liability carried
  • Specific policy amendment requests (i.e. additional insured, notice of cancellation, etc.)
We have been assisting our clients in responding to these requests for over two (2) decades have two (2) main goals:

  • Provide the appropriate risk management advice and supporting documents; &
  • Respond quickly!

Reviews & Analysis

As part of Iron Cove’s suite of services, we provide our prospective clients, a no cost, an in-depth analysis of their current insurance program in an effort to point out any glaring coverage deficiencies and/or determine if more competitive pricing is available in the marketplace.

Upon receipt of the policies along with other requisite underwriting information, our team of professionals conducts an in-depth analysis of the organization and the business first (i.e. identifying corporate structure, investment strategy, ownership, operating history, etc.) which then positions us to identify potential gaps or deficiencies in the insurance contracts.

We feel this process fosters trust amongst clients and provides us with the ability to demonstrate our technical proficiency in our clients particular area of business.

Private Equity Portfolio Company Due Diligence

For Private Equity Funds, conducting due diligence on prospective portfolio companies is a certainty.

Part of our advisory suite of services, we provide:

  • Insurance program reviews (from Property & Casualty to Employee Benefits) in order to make sure coverage limits are appropriate
  • That coverage is best in class; &
  • That the program has been placed with reputable and viable A-rated insurance carriers.

Claims Advocacy

Claims handling and negotiations are a pivotal and integral part of any commercial or personal risk management program. We endeavor to provide a high-level of service and counsel to all of our clients when it comes to handling claims.

We both assist and advocate on all of our clients behalf when it comes to handling and negotiating both third-party liability insurance claims as well as property and casualty claims.

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